Syracuse’s “Youth Impact Program” and The Buffalo Bills

24 Aug

The Youth Impact Program is an innovative program started by Riki Ellison in 2003.  As a ten-year veteran of the National Football League (NFL) and three-time Super Bowl Champion, he developed a vision to provide America’s at-risk inner-city youth with a positive, life-changing experience.  serving low-income, urban-based, at-risk middle school males.  Over ninety percent of YIP’s program participants meet the national guidelines for low income.  Based in the community, YIP builds resiliency by providing minority at-risk boys with a free football summer training camp program that promotes character development, academic skills enhancement, and social interaction activities.  Adult male role models provide camaraderie, guidance, and discipline, and introduce these boys to the world of higher education.  At the same time, the program provides academic support,  guidance counseling and mentoring to help struggling children build confidence and develop an interest in learning.

Over 75 young men from inner-city Syracuse visited The Bills and participated in the program.  Commenting on the visit, Ellison stated “It was a very important part of our program to show these young boys the Buffalo Bills. It was not only inspirational but a touch of reality they could feel and see.”


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