Winnipeg Shows Continual Commitment to their Youth

27 Aug

Just a few days ago, Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz, announced funding of $60,000 for the PACE (Positive Athletic Cultural Experiences for Youth) program in their city.  The PACE program provides meaningful athletic, cultural and recreational experiences for at risk youth between the ages of 6-17 to build on their capacity to become role models, leaders and valuable contributors of the community.

The City of Winnipeg has been providing in-kind support of approximately $22,000 for program expenses such as equipment, materials and supplies, travel costs, gym space, staff supports, field trips and various activities. With the latest commitment, a formal partnership with Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Inc will increase capacity to provide more cultural specific programming within City facilities.  So far, over 8,000 youth have participated in the programs.

Another program initiated in Winnipeg that exemplifies a commitment in their youth is SPIN (Sport Programs in Inner City Neighborhood) .  SPIN is a free sports program, designed for children 6-14 years residing in inner-city neighborhoods, which enables them to participate and learn basic skill development, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and fair play in a non-competitive environment.  It is an initiative of Live SAFE, a crime prevention Policy developed by the City of Winnipeg.  Over 850 kids have registered for SPIN programs so far this year.  The number of participants since the start of this program has grown by 27%.

Kids having fun participating in the SPIN program


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