Ryan Baker, DL on the Miami Dolphins, Committed to Giving Back

11 Nov


Miami Dolphins defensive lineman Ryan Baker, spoke to students as part of the NFL Atlas and Athena program at Sun Life Stadium.

The team partnered with local high schools to implement the NFL Atlas & Athena Schools Program, a nationally-acclaimed initiative designed to promote healthy living and reduce the use of steroids and other drugs among high-school athletes.

“The event was fun,” said Baker. “I really got a chance to interact with the kids and they responded well and were extremely interactive.  Steroids and drugs can sometimes create an instant gratifcation and it is important to show students that this is not the right way to go.”

The Atlas & Athena programs focus on nutrition and exercise as alternatives to drug use.  The Atlast program targets adolescent male athletes’ use of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, alcohol, and other drugs and use of sport supplements, while improving healthy nutrition and exercise practices.  Athena is designed to reduce disordered eating and use of body shaping and other drugs among young women, while promoting healthy nutrition and exercise.


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