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10/11/17 Update:

The Shoe Game Corporation is no longer a registered 501c3 organization but wishes to promote “good news” that don’t always get the publicity it deserves.  In the future, The Shoe Game Corporation may revisit donations but is not currently.

Please email me at ElliotMichaelHood@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

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The Shoe Game Corporation encourages professional athletes to donate shoes to major inner-city school districts among student-athletes that meet donation requirements (student-athletes must: 1. maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative gpa, 2. be a Senior, Junior, or Sophomore, and 3. meet certain economic conditions relative to their city).


The Shoe Game was founded in late 2009 with the intention of giving low-income student athletes the proper tools to get their “shoe game” on point. Many young athletes are forced to wear old beat-up shoes to practice and games, to the detriment of their performance. With the help of college and professional athletes that have shoes to spare, we can supply these disadvantaged student athletes with what they need to excel on and off the field. 

Mission Statement

The Shoe Game of Indianapolis, serves under-privileged youths by way of facilitating athletic apparel donations nationwide.  Our mission is to enable the opportunity for athletes, as well as their organizations, to give back in a personal manner, which will not only provide for but also motivate disenfranchised youths.


The Shoe Game of Indianapolis, strives to be the nations premier vehicle for enabling donations of athletic goods to under-privileged youths.  Primarily facilitating footwear donations, we also strive to encourage and promote athletic participation and academic success by having participants achieve grade point average requirements.


In the organization’s first season of donations (Fall 2011):
1) provide shoes for all qualifying student-athletes (grades 10-12) playing football in the Indianapolis Public Schools district
2) establish agreements with additional professional athletes to branch program into other sports and cities
3) develop relationship with major athletic apparel corporation to obtain shirts and shorts to give out alongside of shoes/cleats 

In the organization’s second season of donations (Winter 2011):
1) provide shoes for all qualifying student-athletes (grades 10-12) in Indianapolis and New Orleans for basketball and Los Angeles for wrestling.
2) continue branching out into other sports and developing relationships with school districts across the country.

Application Form(s) For Donation Eligibility

2012 IPS & MNPS Application Form for Donation Eligibility

Click the link above to download the PDF version of the appropriate application form for donation eligibility.  Once filled out electronically please save it and send it to theShoeGameCorp@gmail.com, along with a phone number for follow-up.




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