Lil Jon Wins Money For Atlanta Charity

2 Apr

After emerging victorious in a recent challenge on Donald Trump‘s ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Atlanta “entertainer extraordinaire” Lil Jondonated his $40,000 in winnings to the Decatur, Ga., children’s home his brother and sister were adopted from.
Supported by disgruntled actor Gary Busey and former baseball star Jose Canseco, the King of Crunk led team Backbone to victory over their female opponents, which includedDionne Warwick, Star Jones and LaToya Jackson, in the fourth episode of NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

Challenged to produce a 30-second advertising spot for ACN videophone and present it to the company’s large army of sales reps, the competition was familiar territory for Lil Jon, who has starred in and directed dozens of videos.

As project manager for his team, Jon received $20,000 from Trump for his charity of choice, a figure that the tech company ACN matched, earning $40,000 for the United Methodist Children’s Home in Decatur, Ga.

“I have a sister and a brother who were foster kids,” Jon said of his decision to donate to the United Methodist Children’s Home. “My mother ended up adopting them. I feel children shouldn’t have to suffer for faults of adults.”

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Jay-Z and LeBron Giving Back to Youths

28 Feb

Jay-Z and LeBron

Hip-hop mogul JAY-Z and basketball icon LEBRON JAMES took time out of the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities in California last sunday to help renovate a local gymnasium for a children’s charity.

The two stars have been big supporters of the Boys & Girls Club of America in recent years and they joined youngsters in Los Angeles this weekend to unveil the improvements to the run-down community facility.

The pair also donated a colourful wall mural by famed tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon and spent time chatting with the kids before attending the big basketball game at the Staples Center.

Mr. Cartoon, famous Tattoo Artist


NE Patriots WR Julian Edelman Donates To Local Charity

19 Jan

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by: Seth Lasko

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman makes a catch during NFL football training camp, in Foxborough, Mass., Thursday, July 30, 2009. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Julian Edelman is listed at 5-foot-10, but the wide receiver stood tall Monday when he found the time to help out a local high school by donating his gear before heading home for the offseason.

Monday was move out day for the Patriots, a time for players to say their goodbyes, make offseason plans to golf with each other and clean out their lockers. However, wide receiver Julian Edelman found some extra time to stop by a local high school and donate his playing gloves and cleats reports Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.

Edelman, a 24-year-old California native and former Kent State quarterback, has shown flashes of brilliance for the Patriots since being selected in the seventh round of the 2009 NFL draft. The backup receiver has played a key role on special teams and returned a punt a team-record 94 yards for a touchdown against Miami in Week 17.

Eric Berry Wins Defensive Rookie of the Month

6 Jan

Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry was just announced as Rookie of the Month for December/January.  He is the first to have done so in franchise history.  Not only does Berry celebrate success on the field, but also with an organization he started in 2010 called “The Eric Berry Foundation”.  Check it out and let him know what you think on twitter @berry1429 .

Eric Berry smoking someone from UGA when he played at the University of Tennessee

Lakers’ Artest announces winner of ring raffle

30 Dec

By GREG BEACHAM, AP Sports Writer

You gotta love this guy!!! (Artest and Miller from their Indy days)

Ron Artest has absolutely no regrets about giving away his Los Angeles Lakers championship ring to boost mental health awareness. In fact, it just encourages him to go out and get another ring.

Artest announced the winner of the charity raffle for his ring late Saturday night at a club across the street from Staples Center, where the Lakers were trounced by the Miami Heat 96-80 in the NBA’s Christmas showcase.

The ring was won by Raymond Mikkael, a father of four from Hawthorne, Calif.

“It’s a good feeling, because it got a lot of publicity, and that’s cool,” Artest said before taking on LeBron James. “I’m glad we can start over now and do some more work with charities.”

Artest came up with the idea to give away his first NBA title ring after putting a spotlight on mental health by thanking his psychiatrist after Game 7 of the Lakers’ triumph over Boston last June. While some laughed at another stunt by one of the NBA’s biggest characters, Artest’s candid declaration sparked an interest in normalizing mental health care, which snowballed into this unique charitable gift.

And when he officially gives away the ring in a couple of weeks, Artest feels he’ll be even more motivated to replace it with the Lakers, who are chasing their third consecutive title.

“I’m so anxious to get out at it again,” Artest said. “I get more fuel, I burn it all up. I’m motivated.”

Although he doesn’t yet know the final figures, Artest’s raffle has raised well over $500,000 for his Xcel University charity, which will work with high-risk youth on mental health issues. Artest said he already wrote his first $50,000 check from the proceeds to the charity.

Artest sounds overwhelmed by the support, praising everyone from his teammates to the Lakers’ fan base for participating in the raffle. Even Lakers coach Phil Jackson says he bought a few tickets, praising Artest’s strategy to funnel the money directly into a charity rather than through intermediaries.

The Lakers’ rings from the franchise’s 16th championship contain a piece of the ball used in Game 7 against the Boston Celtics. The ring also has a circumference of 16 oversized white diamonds representing the Lakers’ titles, along with two championship trophies made of 16-karat gold. On one side of the ring is a three-dimensional likeness of the player receiving it.

Artest hasn’t satisfied his taste for unorthodox gestures of charity: He also recently said he would like to donate a huge chunk of his $6.79 million salary for next season to mental health charities.

That desire might be a bit tougher to fulfill in today’s economy, however. Artest said Saturday that his only Christmas wish was for “a tax break directly from Obama” because of the high cost of his lifestyle with his wife and children.

“Unfortunately, diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” Artest said.

2008 Cities In Crisis Report

16 Dec

I posted earlier about the low high school graduation rates of Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Detroit – but I couldn’t find the study which revealed the data.  Well, I found it today (Cities_In_Crisis_Report_2008).  Even though it is from 2008 and the raw data may have changed, I am almost %100 positive that these 3 school districts still remain at the bottom of the 50 city list.

We can change that by motivating these kids and empowering their lives!

Bottom 10 of 2008 Cities In Crisis Report

Ron Artest to Donate Salary to Charity – Maybe?

9 Dec

According to an blog post by Scott Howard-Cooper, Ron Artest of the LA Lakers may be donating his salary to charity.  Artest says he isn’t exactly sure if he will donate all $6.79 million of it, however he is “…definitely considering the whole thing…or at maybe 60%”.

Artest shooting a free-throw.

I say you hit him up on his Twitter, @RonArtestCom , and tell him to do it!!!




Side note:  I’m going to the Lakers/Pacers game in Indy.  I didn’t know what jersey to buy/wear at the game… but I’m going to start looking for one of his when he was at Indiana.