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2012-2013 Donations Underway

17 Dec

The second year of donations with The Shoe Game Corporation are underway now.  Student-Athletes that participated in the 2012 football season at Indianapolis Public Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools are eligible for athletic shoe donations from various NFL players from the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans.

To be eligible for donations, coaches must turn in the donation application form confirming the following criteria are met:

1) Student-Athlete participated in the 2012 football season

2) Student-Athlete ended the 2012 Fall/Winter semester with over a 3.0 GPA

3) Student-Athlete is on free or reduced school lunch.

The 2012-2013 donation application form will be available on the Donation Forms link at the top of this site.  Please email TheShoeGame@att.blackberry.com with the completed form and/or any questions.

Thank you!


Shoe Game Update

30 Aug

Football players at Belmont HS in Los Angeles, CA prepare for the upcoming 2011 football season.

The Shoe Game Corporation made a trip to sunny California this past weekend to meet with wrestling coaches in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Looking to expand donations into other school districts, Los Angeles provides a good fit for the developing non-profit corporation.  Currently, there are less than 20 public schools in the Los Angeles City Section conference fielding wrestling programs this winter.  After meeting with a coach at Belmont High School, located in downtown LA, we are planning on providing wrestling shoes and/or training shoes for the student-athletes achieving over a 3.0 gpa.  The professional athletes that will be donating the shoes are various UFC fighters (to be revealed later) that have expressed interest in supporting not only youth wrestling, but also The Shoe Game Corporation’s mission.

In Indianapolis, forms are being turned in to participate in the 2011 Football donation cycle.  With various Indianapolis Public Schools currently restructuring, there has been a brief pause in the donation process but all coaches have assured their interest and excitement in participating with The Shoe Game.  Jonathan Goff, New York Giants LB, expressed his enthusiasm this week in being the first professional athlete participating in the program, stating that he is looking forward to providing for the student-athletes and believes that doing so will motivate them in the classroom and on the field.

Finally, The Shoe Game is also preparing to become involved with New Orleans Public Schools, coming into contact with media personnel and high school teachers in the city.  Looking forward to basketball season, The Shoe Game will be working to provide shoes in New Orleans as well as Indianapolis.

For more information about The Shoe Game Corporation, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or email us at Hood@TheShoeGame.org.