Call For Action

Excerpts from a 2008 National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) report  with evidence that inner-city students greatly benefit from participating in high school sports:

– A Harvard Educational Review article in 2002 found that participation in extracurricular activities in high school appears to be one of the few interventions that benefit low-status, disadvantaged students – those less well served by traditional educational programs – as much or more than their more advantaged peers.

– Students who spend no time in extracurricular activities are 49% more likely to use drugs and 37% more likely to become teen parents than those who spend one to four hours per week in extracurricular activities (United States Department of Education. No Child Left Behind: The facts about 21st Century Learning. Washington, DC: 2002.)

– Participation in extra-curricular activities provides all students – including students from disadvantaged backgrounds, minorities and those with otherwise less than distinguished academic achievements in high school – a measurable and meaningful gain in their college admissions test scores according to researchers Howard T. Everson and Roger E. Millsap, writing for the College Entrance Examination Board in 2005.

Various media outlets reporting on our alarmingly low inner-city graduation rates:

Click on the picture to read the full story.

Click the image above to read the story.

Click the picture above to read the full report.


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